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All about Perma-Grit Tools®

For nearly 20 years, Perma-Grit Tools have been manufacturing and developing a range of professional abrasive tools. Traditional tools are not efficient at sanding or shaping composite materials, having a tendency to either chip or melt them.

Perma-Grit tools are made by brazing Tungsten Carbide Grit to steel in a furnace. This produces a permanent bond of the grit to the surface. This abrasive will cut the softest materials, to some of the hardest, giving far better results.
Conventional files are made from hardened steel and have a serrated cutting surface. Once this edge is worn, the file will not cut effectively and will need replacing.
Perma-Grit tools however, are made from a much harder material, and have thousands of individual cutting edges, enabling them to cut in any direction and last longer. The grit spacing is much wider than conventional sandpapers, which keeps the cutting surface cleaner and prevents them from loading.

Back in the early 90’s, Perma-Grit tools attended the Experimental Aircraft Association ( EAA ) shows in Oshkosh, and Lakeland USA. The tools were demonstrated and sold to many different composite aircraft manufacturers and builders from around the world. For many years, Perma-Grit tools have been used and recommended by EAA at their workshop building courses.

More recently, Perma-Grit has expanded into the race-car market, and our products are used by the leading Formula 1 teams and composite fabricators throughout Europe.
In December 2006, the company attended the “Performance Race Industry” show in Orlando, USA.
Both car and component fabricators were impressed by the cutting and sanding abilities of the tools.

Perma-Grit Tools will continue to develop solutions to cutting, sanding and shaping a wide range of materials and provide value and satisfaction to our customers around the globe.

Ian Richardson. MD. Perma-Grit Tools

Ian Richardson, with his competition-winning F-100, built with Perma-Grit® Tools.

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