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Perma-Grit Tools® for Hobby Use

Perma-Grit ToolsŪ are the perfect companion to many hobby users. Here are just some of the many ways our tools are in use around the world:

Model Aircraft, Boats and Cars

Perma-Grit® Tools over the last seventeen years have gained a reputation for manufacturing the best abrasive modeling tools available. They have been designed by 3 times world champion Ian Richardson and are used by aeromodellers around the world. Whether you're building from scratch or a kit, our tools are perfect for wings, fuselages, cockpit detail & figures. Model car racing enthusiasts use the flat files to scuff tyres for more grip, and other tools are used on the plastic and carbon bodies. Marine and scale boat modelers use our tools on the hulls, decks and detailed work. All the tools will cut, sand and shape quickly, all the materials found in model boat construction.

Ian Richardson's F-86 Sabre in flight, built using Perma-Grit® Tools
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Perma-Grit Tools have been demonstrating and exhibiting their range of products at major Dolls House and Miniaturist shows in the U.K. for over 12 years. In that time, they have gained a reputation for producing quality tools that are easy to use on the wide range of materials used in this hobby. Many of the professional miniaturist model builders now use them, and have given the tools excellent reviews in the magazines. The tools are used and recommended by the "Dolls House Holidays” where miniaturists learn to build their own dolls house.

“Are there any miniaturists out there that are not interested in tools? These powerful sanding tools have been available for some time, but many people have yet to discover them. Once tried, I think you will find yourself slowly building up a set.”

Pat Cutforth in DOLLS HOUSE WORLD.

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Woodcarvers and Sculptors

Perma-Grit Tools have been used by Woodcarvers and Sculptors for over 17 years. They will cut, sand and shape all woods and stone without loading up. The Riffler and Needle files have proved popular because they remove material much quicker than conventional ones. Also, as they are an abrasive, they will cut in any direction. This can be particularly useful when working in tight areas etc. There have been many reviews in U.K. magazines:


“The range of size and shapes of these files is well suited to all but the largest scale of carvings. They cut cleanly in any direction on a wide variety of timbers, and the random distribution of the grit gives a smooth, sand papered type finish, rather than ridged, filed or rasped effect. The flexible sanding strip is especially interesting to woodcarvers. It can easily be cut, bent or stuck onto shaped pieces of wood, making abrasive tools to get in where other tools cannot go. I am sure most carvers will find some useful and economical additions to their tool kits.”

David Tippey in WOODCARVING magazine.

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Do It Yourself

Perma-Grit ®Tools can be used for many jobs around the home.

Use them on All Woods, Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Perspex, Plexiglas, Lexan, Acrylics, Plastics, Laminates, MDF, Polystyrene, Brass, Copper, Ceramics, Stone, Slate, Marble, Brick etc.

The Wedge Sanding Block is excellent for sanding down window frames. You can sand right up to the glass without scratching it, and the wedge shape stops you from bruising your fingers when sanding vigorously. Doors, walls, skirting boards. Our tools are used by professional shop, kitchen and bathroom fitters, because, they work so many different materials are economical and have a long life.

All Perma-Grit ®Tools can be used on ceramics. Rodsaw blades, Hacksaw blades, and cutting discs can be used to cut tiles, and Grout Rakers can be used to remove or clean old grouting.

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