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What the Press say about Perma-Grit Tools®
“Perma-Grit Tools manufacture a rapidly expanding range of marvellous sanding, grinding and cutting tools, and anyone who has used them, even once can't bear to be without them again. Some of my tools have had over three years severe use, and are still cutting very strongly, with no apparent wear. They are very resistant to "clogging", but can be cleaned with paint-stripper if necessary.”

JET INTERNATIONAL magazine by Traplet Publications.

Perma-Grit tools are recommended by Jon who says they will save you a lot of time, effort and sandpaper!


“The tools are absolutely essential when working with composites, and you can tell your customers that from me!!”

Kim Prout

“We were very taken by the tools produced by Perma-Grit, so we got in a good selection. They work excellently on both foam stock and cured epoxy/glass layups and we have no hesitation in recommending them. If they become clogged (say with paint), you simply wash them off with thinners. What can we say? Magic, get some, it will make things easier!”

Flyer Magazine

“Are there any miniaturists out there that are not interested in tools? These powerful sanding tools have been available for some time, but many people have yet to discover them. Once tried, I think you will find yourself building up a set.”

Pat Cutforth in DOLLS HOUSE WORLD February '97.

“The range of size and shapes of these files is well suited to all but the largest scale of carvings. They cut cleanly in any direction on a wide variety of timbers, and the random distribution of the grit gives a smooth, sand papered type finish, rather than ridged, filed or rasped effect. The flexible sanding strip is especially interesting to woodcarvers. It can easily be cut, bent or stuck onto shaped pieces of wood, making abrasive tools to get in where other tools cannot go. I am sure most carvers will find some useful and economical additions to their tool kits.”

David Tippey in WOODCARVING magazine.

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