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Perma-Grit Tools® for Professional Use

Perma-Grit ToolsŪ are the perfect companion to many professional users. Here are just some of the many ways our tools are in use around the world:

Formula 1 / Performance Cars

Nothing works Carbon Fibre like Perma-Grit ®Tools - Fast, clean cutting and long life. This is why our tools are so popular with the leading F1 Teams, prototype designers and the Performance Race industry support companies.

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Light Aircraft

Lancair a leading kit manufacturer and supplier to kit builders have been using Perma-Grit ®Tools for over 10 years. They use them in their factory and also supply them to kit builders through Kit Components. www.lancair.com

Velocity, Seawind, Jabiru, are just a few of the high profile kit manufacturers that also use and recommend
Perma-Grit ®Tools.

Europa Aviation have been using Perma-Grit tools for over 12 years. When it comes to sanding and shaping, they have found them to be much better than conventional files. After all this time, the tools are still in use at their factory. www.europa-aircraft.co.uk


Ron Alexandra of Sportair uses Perma-Grit tools on kit-plane building courses in the USA. These workshops are run over 2 days at different locations in the USA, and give builders the knowledge and confidence they will need to start and FINISH their project! www.sportair.com
Jon Goldenbaum of Poly-Fiber brings you a new finishing system for your composite project that takes you all the way from rough assemblies on your workbench to a dazzling finished airplane in your hangar. Perma-Grit tools are recommended by Jon who says they will save you a lot of time, effort and sandpaper! www.polyfiber.com

Perma-Grit Tools are recommended by the Dynamic Wing Company (USA) who produce pressure molded carbon reinforced canard, wings with winglets, wing root ribs and control wells for Velocity Aircraft www.wingco.com


So no matter what type of construction is used, we feel sure that Perma-Grit Tools will make your job a little more enjoyable.

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Special Effects Industry
Perma-Grit ®Tools are used by the special effects units and companies at many Film Studios in England. Shepperton, Pinewood, Leaveden, Hatfield, Elstree etc.
Recent projects include Thomas the Tank Engine, the Harry Potter series and James Bond films.
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Luxury yacht manufacturers work with the very best materials available to produce quality craft, sold around the world. Perma-Grit ®Tools are used on the wide range of materials used in their construction.
Fibreglass, composite, wood and plastic are just some of the materials that can be cut, sanded and shaped using our products.

Perma-Grit ®Tools are less expensive than diamond and in many applications work more effectively.

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Masons & Sculptors

Perma-Grit ®Tools are excellent for working stone, just like the old Cintride tools.

The Perma-Grit ®Tools Swop Block is the most popular block for masons. The interchangeable sheets on the Swop Blocks are available in Grit grades Fine (Grit 320 UK / 120 USA) through to Extra, Extra Coarse (Grit 80 UK / 24 USA).

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Architectural & Prototype Model builders

Perma-Grit ®Tools are used to build models for museums, architectural models, prototypes for the F1 Teams and the Aerospace and Marine industry. Wind tunnel cars are fabricated for many race car teams.

Perma-Grit ®Tools are available in sizes both suitable for modelling and full size projects.

Use on All Woods, Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Perspex, Plexiglas, Lexan, Acrylics, Plastics, Laminates, MDF, Polystyrene, Ceramics, Stone, Slate, Marble, Brick and Metals.

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Shop, Kitchen, and Bedroom Fitters

Perma-Grit ®Tools are used by Sharp & Schrieber Kitchen & Bedroom fitters.

The Perma-Grit ®Tools Wedge Block is very popular and will remove rough edges in a couple of strokes. Handy size fits into the tool belt and can be used on all materials including Corian and ceramics.

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Presently teachers and pupils are working on projects involving materials such as acrylics, MDF, perspex, fiberglass and foams etc. Perma-grit tools have been designed to work on these new materials as well as wood, stone, glass and ceramics. Projects can be completed much more efficiently, and with far better results.

Cut, sand and shape a wide range of materials used in Art & Crafts, Design and Technology projects. Polystyrene sheets, PVC sheets, Perspex, Featherboard, Neoprene Sheets, Expanded Foams (white or blue), Woods, MDF, Stone, even glass! Made from tungsten carbide grit braze-welded to steel, these tools are extremely robust, and will outlast all other types of files.

Perma-Grit Tools can be used from Primary to Tertiary education. They are safe and easy to use, and unlike conventional files, will cut in any direction. An open grit structure stops the cutting surface from clogging easily. However, all tools can be quickly cleaned with any solvent.

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