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Dave Clark 05/07/2018 - Excellent !!

Dear Ladies, This week, on Monday 02/07/18 at +/- 14h15, I ordered 2 x SB140 sanding blocks.On Tuesday 03/07/18 at +/- 09h30, they were delivered by Royal Mail. What took you so long? But seriously now, that's brilliant service. My old sanding block was bought at the London Model Engineers exhibition at Alexandra Palace back in 2010 and has given sterling service for the last 8 years. But like its owner, it was feeling its age and losing its edge. The difference in performance with the new one is quite startling. Please accept my compliments for the prompt service and rest assured that you have made a happy man very old an old man very happy. Regards to all at Permagrit.  The Dave Clark 1.

Tugrul Uzun 24/05/2018 - Excellent !!
Great products with big value for almost any "grind job"!
I've been using these tools for over 20 years now, for lot's of purposes and i am still using my first bought tools (20+ years)!
It's a pleasure to work with them and a pain, forgetting them, or not to have them at your fingertips...
The biggest problem i always had, was when a fair exibithion was over and i realized, what i didn't purchase this time - luckily, there have been quite some fair exihibitions, the last decades, to correct these mistakes... ;)
Tom Welfring 16/05/2018 - Excellent !!
PERMAGRIT TOOLS are amazing. I use Sanding Blocks, Disc Blades and Rotary Tools now for over 20 years in RC-Aircraft-Modeling.... with best results, fast and precise working. They are even today like -NEW-. Lifetime using also because of easy cleaning. These Tools are worth every cent!! Thanks to Tracy and Ian. See you at some Fair Exhibition in Germany. 

Paul Batten  13/05/2018 - Excellent !!
An amazing product and an amazing company. I really like the products and the philosophy of Perma-Grit - it's an ideal I try to live by in my day to day work as a vehicle dynamicist at McLaren Automotive. I would like to offer a special thanks to Tracey and Ian for their support of my racing efforts. I proudly wear the Perma-Grit logo on my racesuit whenever I am on track.

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Jon Tappin 16/05/2018 - Excellent !!
Permagrit abrasive tools, once you use them, you wonder how you ever managed without them.I still have one of the early wooden handled tool rolls in regular use and still going strong. It's very rare I do a job in the workshop without picking up a Permagrit file, sanding block or rotary tool. are amazing.
Dave Mathews 14/05/2018 - Excellent !!
I have used Perma-Grit tools since getting my first set at the Sandown Show many many years ago. Since then I have built a lot of models and to this day, those same tools are used day to day in all my model making work from small, simple models right up to the larger jets and super scale aircraft I now make as part of my day job. Even after such a long time use, all those tools are as good today as they were back when I got them even if I used them on tough glass resin or carbon. They just go on an on. Simply put, Perma-Grit tools are by far that best tools in my workshop and I would recommend them to anyone.

Martin John Painter 13/05/2018 - Excellent !!
My first Perma-Grit purchase, which I still own, was a 140mm sanding block with coarse grit on one side and fine on the other. Since then my Perma-Grit tool collection has grown to the large range I now own. The tools are incredibly long lasting as the name would suggest. From time-to-time they do get clogged up; I normally give them a good stiff brushing with a "file card brush", if not a coating of paint stripper does the job. Personally, I have not had to replace a Perma-Grit tool, I just use-it, clean-it and proudly put it back on display in the modelling room.

Oliver Garrad 03/05/2018 - Excellent !!
My business has been using tools from them for around 6 months now and will not be going back. I use the files almost every day and have been nothing but impressed with their abilities. Couldn't recommend more.
Tom Richardson 30/04/2018 - Excellent !!
Permagrit tools offer an unrivalled level of service and product knowledge. As a business we have used their sanding tools, especially the files for years and nothing else comes close.

Siegfried F Munster 30/04/2018 - Excellent !!
Permagrit is really great. We do not want to miss it anymore. Greetings from
Martin and me !


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