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Patrick Hildebrand - USA  5.4.2021 - Excellent  I have bought many of the sanding blocks and shaped sanding tools made by you. They have been excellent. Used them on many woodworking projects  I've built a couple of airplanes. Winning outstanding workmanship at the biggest airshow in the world. OSHKOSH.  Hopefully that means something when I say these are good tools. 
Peter Goldsmith - USA - 8.3.2021 Amazing product   I just wanted to thank you guys for an amazing product. I literally use it every day of my life. I have probably 70% of your product, and it’s a common Christmas present for me when the kids want to get me something. From the small countersunk Dremmel bits to the long sanding bars, it all works amazing. Nothing comes close to its quality. Even Caroline uses some of my old sanding bars to clean up the edges of her paintings before framing. I can’t thank you guys enough, it makes building a pleasure.
Additionally Your more than welcome to use my endorsement or photos of any of my products to help in the promotion of your products.
I am not asking for anything in return, just wanted to say thank you for an awesome product,
Eugene Schmidt - USA - 20.3.2021  Fast delivery   WOW! Got my needle file set today. Couldn't believe it. Shipped on Monday in UK, arrived my house, Wyoming Michigan, USA on Saturday. WOW. Sometimes it takes that long to get a package from OHIO.

I have a set of the med grit (NF-1) I've used for quite a while. I couldn't find a distributor that had the Fine one's though, so I'm so glad you can ship them to US. 

Thanks again for your excellent service and keeping in touch with me. The shipping tracking was great. 

Carlos Marquez  23.11.2020 - 

More than 20 years using these fantastic tools
Norman Sutherland - UK  10.11.2020 - Longevity 
I bought my last block around 25 years ago - so she's lasted pretty well!
Bill Rothwell - UK  27.6.2019 - Super efficient 
I bought 2 sanding blocks and files etc. about 25 years ago.  I write to say that the blocks are as good as new, much used and super efficient.  Thank you for making something that lasts!
Aaron Novak - USA   2.9.2020 - Excellent 
I absolutely love the tools!  I use a lot of your Perma-Grit tools, both at my job working in the engineering labs of a Marine products company, and at home where I design, build and fly composite aircraft.
Gabriel Mountjoy  - Seattle USA   8.7.2020 - Excellent 
We love these tools!
Steve Flint - UK    2.2.2020 - Excellent 
Sharps Bedrooms - Perma-Grit tools are perfect for their bedroom fitters.
Doug Berch - UK 18.6.19 - Thank you so much for your friendly and informative letter.
Luthier - I'll certainly be buying more of your products in the future!
Dave Matthews  26.1.2020 - Excellent 
My favorite sanding bars.... the only bars a real man needs!
Colin Hales - UK    31.8.2019 - Excellent 
Kr2 World tour - Used the tools to build my aircraft.
John Hoover - USA 9.11.2019 - Excellent 
Love the PermaGrin stuff! Nothing better. 
Ron Willets  21.1.2019 - Awesome 
Permagrit awesome tools Esp. the dremel type burs, worth every penny and a great aid in some tight spots in my latest carving
Charlie Stout  31.7.2019 - Excellent 
Top tier tools we've used in our shop for years.  Thank you for the quality over the years that have led us to purchase your tools again and again.  Delivery was very quick, only five days from the UK to the US.
Charly Breitmoser  24.6.2019 - Excellent 
Von sehr grob bis sehr fein, für Hand, Dremel und Co. und ist sehr, sehr haltbar. Das Werkzeug hält ein Leben lang -Danke dafür!  From very rough to very fine, for hand, Dremel and co. And is very, very durable. The tool lasts a lifetime-thank you for that.
Gaz Brast  19.6.2019 - Excellent 
Great tools.  Best in the business.
Mike Maddams  5.4.2019 - Excellent!! 
Vintage aircraft engineering & restorations.  Musician.   mike_maddams
Building Boeing Stearman wings.  We have used your tools for years and quite honestly don't know what we'd do without them!  Keep up the great work with the products. Cheers Mike
Sam Tomline  11.4.2019 - Excellent!! 
Freelance Flying machine repair and restoration. Private Pilot.  propwash48 
There's no doubt these tools make aircraft woodwork so much easier, such versatile product and a pleasure to use.
Robert Truesdale  30.1.2019  Excellent 
Amazing bit of kit!
My new best friend!
What other hand tool could you flat face file used cast turbo exhaust manifold faces with??
And with relative ease!
No signs of deterioration or wear to the abrasive as yet!
John Dave-Spencer  31.12.2018  Excellent   
Brilliant tools I have a roll permanently open on my workbench!
Also I live close by so can pop over if I need some more. Great people to do business with.
Alastair Nicol  31.12.2018  Excellent  
Fantastic tools that never were out. excellent value for money.
Barrie King  30.12.2018 - Excellent  
I have several ones and they always work and never wear out.
Colin Benham  30.12.2018 - Excellent  
Top tools and top people to deal with.
Ian Titchell  30.12.2018 - Excellent  
Had mine for years and sill adding to the collection. great investment for lifetime of model building and occasionally odd jobs as well
Jens Heckmann  23.11.2018 - Excellent!!
Very polite people. It was a pleasure to do business with you!
Bob Petrie 6.9.2018  - Excellent!!
I reckon it was around 23 years ago when I bought my first Perma Grit block from you to build my Jet Hangar Hobby A-4 Skyhawk. That's still going strong (the block, not the A-4)   I smiled to myself as elder son Jack began his Perma Grit journey with the purchase of his own new tools at the Nationals. 
Two generations of very happy customers here! Thanks Ian and Tracey

Chris Bradford  4.9.2018 - Excellent!!
There are times when something unusual crops up and a thought process kicks in.
What tool can I use to sort the problem out?
Well over 25 years ago I bought a couple of Perma-Grit tools off the Richardson's because I was fed up with wearing out my home made sanding blocks.  These files / tools are still with me today doing excellent service.
Naturally I added files, burrs, saws and blocks to my prized collection, which have served to make many model aircraft, a kit car, 3 full size aircraft and stood up to many other uses such as our "Tenco" covered bench, kitchen tiles, cupboards etc.
These tools have taken on glass fibre, wood, carbon fibre, ceramics, glass and even metals.
What is more they have survived and are still going strong.
Well done Perma-Grit.
One of your first customers and a very happy one. 
Ian Stubbings  2.9.2018 - Excellent!! 
Ian built a Skyranger Ninja Aircraft using Perma-Grit tools.  You can hear what Ian had to say about our tools when he was at the LAA Rally Sywell 

Dave Clark  28.8.2018 - Excellent!!

Dear Tracey &Team,  Brilliant stuff!  We spoke on Thursday, you dispatched immediately, Son received it Friday, used it on Saturday (*refurbishing some panels for his boat – and says "Thanks for the tip about flotation ")- result : delighted. I have scored a brownie point and he is now no longer in ignorance regarding Permagrit.  

How can one little sanding block be a source of so much contentment? Maybe I should also give a nod to UKMail for being involved to some small degree, but that seems a triviality right now.

Best regards and thanks    Dave Clark 

* "When using our blocks onboard your boat, insert cork or polystyrene.  Then if (when) you drop it overboard it is far easier to retrieve!" 

Tugrul Uzun 24/05/2018 - Excellent !!
Great products with big value for almost any "grind job"!
I've been using these tools for over 20 years now, for lot's of purposes and I am still using my first bought tools (20+ years)!
It's a pleasure to work with them and a pain, forgetting them, or not to have them at your fingertips...
The biggest problem I always had, was when a fair exhibition was over and I realized, what I didn't purchase this time - luckily, there have been quite some fair exhibitions, the last decades, to correct these mistakes... ;)
Tom Welfring 16/05/2018 - Excellent !!
PERMAGRIT TOOLS are amazing. I use Sanding Blocks, Disc Blades and Rotary Tools now for over 20 years in RC-Aircraft-Modelling.... with best results, fast and precise working. They are even today like -NEW-. Lifetime using also because of easy cleaning. These Tools are worth every cent!! Thanks to Tracy and Ian. See you at some Fair Exhibition in Germany. 
Paul Batten  13/05/2018 - Excellent !!
An amazing product and an amazing company. I really like the products and the philosophy of Perma-Grit - it's an ideal I try to live by in my day to day work as a vehicle dynamist at McLaren Automotive. I would like to offer a special thanks to Tracey and Ian for their support of my racing efforts. I proudly wear the Perma-Grit logo on my race suit whenever I am on track.

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