Large Rotary Tools

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Tungsten carbide grit brazed to the surface. Large Rotaries with 6 mm arbor / shaft for Air tools. Turned down from solid, they are perfectly balanced. Excellent for composite work, wood, carbon fibre, ceramic, stone, perspex etc. (not recommended for use on metal). The countersinks were designed for the motor sport and aircraft industry. (not recommended for use on metal) They allow the user to countersink a wide range of materials, quickly and cleanly leaving an excellent finish. Ideal for routing, shaping and removing materials without tearing or clogging. Use on all Woods, Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Plexiglas, Lexan, Perspex, Acrylics, Plastics, Polystyrene, Ceramics, Stone etc. Note Rotaries should be fully inserted in to the chuck and tightened before using. Maximum RPM 20,000 Low - Medium. SAFETY:- Always wear protective goggles when using Rotary Tools. IMPORTANT:- Carbon Fibre should not be cut using an electric drill, because of the possibility of electrocution.
Large Rotary Tools
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Rotary Taper 7 mm

Price:  £12.45

Rotary Rod 8 mm

Price:  £12.45

Rotary Cone 26 mm

Price:  £12.45

Rotary Ball 20 mm

Price:  £12.45

Rotary Drum 13 mm

Price:  £12.45

Rotary Taper 20 mm

Price:  £12.45

Rotary Fine Taper 6 mm

Price:  £12.45

Rotary Rod 6mm

Price:  £12.45

Countersink 100º #40

Price:  £14.58

Countersink 100º 3/16"

Price:  £14.58

Countersink 100º #30

Price:  £14.58

Countersink 100º No Nipple

Price:  £14.58

Countersink 90º 6.25 mm

Price:  £14.58

Countersink 90º 3.25 mm

Price:  £14.58

Countersink 82º No Nipple

Price:  £14.58

Countersink 100º 1/4"

Price:  £14.58

KIT of 5 Countersinks 100º

Price:  £67.92

KIT of 6 Large Rotaries

Price:  £69.54
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