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Sanding Blocks

Number of Products Available: 19
Use to create straight edges, square off material and produce perfect dihedral angles. Block sand large areas, profile wing leading and trailing edges, etc. Made from anodized aluminium extrusion that is light and easy to handle and will not warp. Tungsten carbide sheets are bonded to the extrusion with industrial grade double-sided tape. The Flat blocks will sand a perfect 90 degree angle when placed on their edge. The Wedge block allows you to sand into tight corners and the Contour block enables you to sand convex or concave areas. Coarse on one side of the flat blocks and Fine on the other side. The most popular grades COARSE UK 180 / US 60 & FINE UK 320 / US 120 is used as standard unless stated otherwise.
Sanding Blocks
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Large Starter Package 3

[Large pkg3]
Price:  £94.99

Medium Starter Package 2

[Med. pkg 2]
Price:  £70.82

Small Starter Package 1

[Small pkg1]
Price:  £48.32

Sanding Block Coarse/Fine 560x52mm (22

Price:  £41.66

Contour Block Extra Coarse 280 x 52 mm

Price:  £27.08

Contour Block XXCoarse 280 x 51 mm

Price:  £27.08

Sanding Block XC/XXC 280 x 51mm

Price:  £27.08

Wedge Block Coarse/Fine 280 x 52mm

Price:  £25.83

Contour Block Coarse 280 x 51mm

Price:  £25.83

Contour Block Fine 280 x 51mm

Price:  £25.83

Sanding Block Coarse/Fine 280x52mm 11

Price:  £24.99

Contour Block XXCoarse 140 x 51 mm

Price:  £18.32

Contour Block Fine 140 x 51mm

Price:  £17.49

Wedge Block Coarse/Fine 140 x 52 mm

Price:  £17.49

Contour Block Coarse 140 x 52mm

Price:  £17.49

Sanding Block XC/XXC 140 x 51mm

Price:  £17.49

Sanding Block Coarse/Fine 140x52mm 5.5

Price:  £16.66
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