Saw Blades / Cutting Discs

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Tungsten Carbide Grit Reciprocating, Jigsaw and Hacksaw blades use for cutting Stainless Steel, Piano Wire, High speed Steel, Fibreglass, Carbon fibre, Ceramic tiles, Stone, Brick anything really tough, where a conventional saw blade struggles. Not high tensile steel. They will last longer and are unlikely to snap. Rodsaws for cutting materials around awkward shapes. Cuts in any direction and has a flexible base metal. (which means they are unlikely to snap) Excellent for ceramics and Polystyrenes, no fumes!. “Will load if used on aluminium without lubrication”. The Small Discs (19mm, 32mm) fit Dremel, Proxon and other popular hobby drills. The Larger Discs are compatible with high-speed air or electric portable saws or grinders. "Safe and virtually unbreakable". RPM 5,000 - 20,000. SAFETY:- Always wear protective goggles
Saw Blades / Cutting Discs
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Reciprocating Saw blade 10cm

Price:  £3.32

Rodsaw Blade 6

Price:  £3.75

Jigsaw Blade Bosch 3 inch

Price:  £4.13

Jigsaw Blade B&D 7cm

Price:  £4.13

Reciprocating Saw blade 20.5cm

Price:  £4.16

Hacksaw Blade 12"

Price:  £4.79

Rodsaw Blade 12

Price:  £4.79

Hacksaw Narrow Blade 12"

Price:  £4.79
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